On July 28, 2016, Providence Financial Investments, Inc. and Providence Fixed Income Fund, LLC. (jointly, the “Debtors”) filed bankruptcy cases in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.

This website has been set up by Maria Yip, the duly appointed Chapter 7 trustee of the Debtors’ bankruptcy estates to provide information regarding the Debtors’ bankruptcy cases.

The Debtors bankruptcy cases:

Providence Financial Investments, Inc., Case No. 16-20516-BKC-AJC

Providence Fixed Income Fund, LLC, Case No. 16-20517-BKC-AJC

Automatic Stay:

The filing of a bankruptcy case imposed an automatic stay against most collection activities against the Debtors. Creditors generally may not take action to collect debts from the debtor or the debtor’s property. Creditors cannot demand repayment from debtors by mail, phone, or otherwise.  Creditors who violate the stay may be required to pay damages and attorney’s fees.

File a Claim:

If you believe one or more of the Debtors owes you money, you must file a proof of claim.  In order to participate in the claim process, first identify which claim you need to file and follow the proof of claim instructions below to fill out and submit your claim form to the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court.  The deadline to file a proof of claim is November 28, 2016.


Should you have any questions, you may contact the Trustee or her attorney.  However, they cannot provide you with legal advice.  You may want to consult with any attorney to protect your rights.

Send claim forms to:

Joseph Falzone
Clerk of Court
US Bankruptcy Court
301 North Miami Avenue, Room 150
Miami, FL 33128

Proof of Claim Instructions

Providence Financial Investments, Inc:  Providence Financial Proof of Claim Form

Providence Fixed Income Fund, LLC:  Providence Fixed Proof of Claim Form